About Our Work

Gapolunya Foundation

The Gapolunya Foundation mission is…


To provide vulnerable street children with a supportive and safe upbring to ensure their achieve their full potential in adulthood


Our Objectives:


• To provide a safe and supportive home for vulnerable children until they can become independent adults.


• To recruit, select, train and provide support for people who support our vulnerable children


• To offer a place to provide practical training for Community Care workers.


What we do


We provide vulnerable street children with a caring safe environment, meals, roof over their heads, security and create an atmosphere for them to regain their self-worth, emotional balance and re adjustment before returning them into main stream education and placing them with a trained Community Carer to reintegrate them back into their own community.


Provide training to the 'Community Carers' of these vulnerable children so that they are able to carry out their duties to the highest possible standard within the means available to them.


Provide parental and Community Carers training to parents and community members to be able to support children and young people across the Niger Delta