Gapolunya Foundation began early in 2009 as a vision of Ms Lydia Ina, the founder. The Foundation began as an orphanage and currently has 7 young children in residence. The Centre is now evolved into a childrens rescue centre and we have trained 'Community Carers' from across Calabar with whom we support to look after 18 of our rescued children in their own community.


Rescue and Home


We provide vulnerable orphaned and street children with a safe, supportive home to enable them to develop their full potential.



We offer short term shelter for vulnerable children (2 -16 years) in Calabar, Nigeria.


We provide children with a shelter, a balanced meal each day and a clean, safe place.


We offer access to basic education that will enable them to acquire the life skills to grow up with confidence to support themselves.


Community Outreach and Support


We recruit and train adults to look after and care for our children in their own homes.


We offer free basic support and resources for adults to be able to support our children in their own homes and community


We support this community outreach service with in-depth scrutiny and advice to ensure our supported children stay safe and prosper.


Community Care Training Centre


We provide support to our community of Calabar, to enable vulnerable young people to be cared for until they can become independent adults


We train and provide support to families in Calabar to enable our rescued children to be placed with them.


Offer a place to provide real and practical parental education and training.


Develop external partnerships and support structures to enable our vulnerable children to grow and proposer within their extended or new family.



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